The blue tie

The blue tie

All men should have a blue tie in their wardrobe! A garment like this is perfect in different business fields: do you know why? Blue is a particular colour, it represents security, stability, trust and loyalty. Important features showing a sort of ID card of the man who wears it.

Ties in dark blue match all classic suit in men’s wardrobe, and in particular white and sky blue shirts.

In David Saddler collection, the blue tie is an unmissable item:

TIE TREVI BLUE: The blue tie Trevi boasts a wide blade and a honeycomb texture. It is the symposium of style and quality. The classic style of the tie ensures the greatest versatility in the combinations: with light colored shirts and dark suits, the accessory is a guarantee of elegance, sophistication and sobriety.

TIE BLUE PRINTED:This tie is characterized by the originality of the geometrical pattern, showing sobriety and style as well. Made of pure silk and perfect with light coloured shirts and dark suits. For those who want a touch of originality and David Saddler elegance at the same time.

TIES TREVI BLUE AND WHITE: A unique style: glamour but also classic and elegant. Made of pure silk, it shows wide blade. The spotted pattern gives an original and gentle charm, for the men who want to amaze, always.

Taking advantage of the last days of sales, you can improve your wardrobe with original and beautiful ties! 

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