To better understand David Saddler story, we introduce you to the founder. David Hassan was born in Tripoli on May 8th, 1959.
In 1967, during the Six-Day War, David Hassan, with his family and the entire Jewish community, was expelled from Libya by King Idris, ruling the country in those days. He starts his way from an early age, by creating a robust background both in Retail and Production sector, taking care of every detail and assisting the working procedures in person. In 1985 he started his adventure in the fashion sector that will lead to the creation of the brands he presides today. Passion for working, courage in accepting new challenges and continuous commitment in pursuing the highest quality, lead him to the creation of three brands: David Saddler (in 1991), 7camicie (in 2000) and Camicia Café (in 2012). Today they are considered successful brands, counting more than 360 stores in over 40 countries worldwide.

David Hassan is a charismatic leader with great natural feeling, recognized by people around him. He dedicates his entire life to realize his winning projects along with his team, sharing all the successes achieved. Nowadays, David Hassan is recognized as one of the greatest experts in franchising sector. For this reason, he has been invited to give classes on this matter at the prestigious universities “John Cabot” in Rome and “Luigi Bocconi” in Milan. In addition, he took part in a TV program (“Under Cover Boss”) about his company and the world of work.