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20 years of tradition in a perfect Italian style

Born and developed in Rome in 1991, the brand David Saddler has modernized over time, always trusting tradition and keeping high quality products with a typical Italian style.

The key to success

The brand David Saddler belongs, along with 7camicie (www.7camicie.com) and Camicia Café, to Grandi Progetti Holding, to a prizewinning 30-year experienced Italian company with an existing worldwide network made up by more than 330 7camicie, David Saddler and Camicia Café brand stores.

David Saddler franchising formula allows the franchisee to grow up from a professional and economical point of view, to learn pertinent knowledge and skills, counting on the support of a company the main purpose of which for its success is franchisee success. 

Italian Brand and Style

David Saddler product range includes classic style collections, from downtime clothes to formal dresses, and offers a wide choice of suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories for every season, occasion and need.

Constant margins guranteed

In both regular sales periods and end-of-season sales periods, the profit margin for franchisees keeps the same, thus avoiding one of the greatest commercial risks.

Shop + Shop Online

By opening a 7camicie franchising store, the franchisee has also the opportunity to gain from loyal customers’ online sales, without new investments in merchandise.

Sales will be handled by the parent company that will recognize the franchisee the official margin for the sales made.

Consignment formula and unsold goods return

  • Automatic reorde of merchandise
  • Weekly payment on sales
  • Transport included
  • Zero inventories

We will take care of everything

No practical commitment is required to the franchisee who will be fully able to concentrate on sale.

The company offers to franchisees the possibility of substituting all unsold items during the exercise period and at the end of the contractual terms, so that the franchisee can work in absolutely safety relying on its parent company’s

Low Investment

  • No Entry Fee
  • No Royalties
  • Free Software
  • Furniture at factory prices

Description of Activity

Franchising retail of shirts, clothing and accessories for men.

Shop Location

Catchment area starting from 80.000 inhabitants. Shops in high pedestrian flow areas and shopping centres.

Exclusive Area


Shop Surface

60/150m² (80 m² suggested).

Previous experience in the sector

Preferable but not necessary, thanks to the training offered.

Support before and after store opening

  • Multilingual assistance
  • Location assessment
  • B.E.P. processing
  • Layout design
  • Training
  • Dedicated commercial tutor
  • Legal assistance
  • Loyalty programme
  • Software 

IT Systems and Commercial Services

Company portal, IT Helpdesk, B2B service, automatic reorder of merchandise, Technical and commercial management of the B2C, David Saddler Radio and Website, Remote Visual support, operating manual, graphic studio and assistance, loyalty programme.

Furniture at Factory Prices

Furniture for franchising retails are exclusively designed by David Saddler and contribute significantly to policies of brand image and sales support.

Personnel necessary for managing the Shop

1-3 (including the owner)

Visual Merchandising

Our staff of Visual Merchandising provides, through operation manual and specific softwares, periodic information for the ideal exposure of goods and for the use of corporate communication materials.


The management software is offered free of charge.

This is an indispensable tool to manage the consignment formula and to provide the tutors with all the statistical data needed to improve sale outlet performance and to increase the sales volume.


Minimum 3 years with possibility up to 10 years .